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The hair extension service that Theresa offers is suitable for most hair types, it is a very gentle application that lasts in the hair for the maximum of 3 months. Theresa prides herself on creating undetectable extensions in the hair, that are flat and smooth at the root area and attached with minimal tension on the hair-shaft.

It is a cold fusion application technique called "aD2." that can be brushed and styled as normal. The extension hair is matched perfectly to the clients natural hair texture and exact hair colour.

Hair extensions last looking good in natural hair for the maximum of three months. At the end of three months the extensions must be removed, if they remain in the natural hair then matting at the root area will occur and they will be impossible to remove.

The correct brush, shampoo and conditioner must be used whilst wearing hair extensions as some products contain ingredients that remove or damage the hair extensions.

The extension hair used is a high grade human hair that has natural movement, a slight wave, making it easy for clients to blow dry or style at home.

All clients must attend a free consultation with Theresa Bullock, 7 - 14 days BEFORE their hair extension appointment.



This takes 30 - 60 minutes during which time we;

  • discuss your desired hairstyle
  • analyse your hair condition
  • discuss the best hair extension application for your hair type

  • discuss the aftercare products that you will need at home

  • perfectly match your natural hair colour to the hair extension colours

  • apply some extensions for you to try in your hair before you buy

  • estimate the time it will take to complete the service for your hairstyle

  • give a quote of the cost of your hairstyle, that remains valid for 14 days

  • take a deposit that covers the cost of ordering the extension hair

  • book your appointment date and time

  • exchange personal details like telephone & email contacts

Good to know

The cold fusion application takes approximately three hours to apply in medium thickness natural hair the same amount of time it takes a colourist to complete a whole head of foil hi-lights.

  • Natural hair should be clean and dry before applying extensions, a little tapering to remove any blunt or straight line cuts of the natural hair may be required.

All colour work on natural hair must be done before selecting the extension hair colour.



Application cutting & styling     £100.00 per hour

Removal                                           £50.00

Extension hair                                £150 - £300.00

Aftercare                                         £45.00 - £95.00

Deposit                                            £150.00


All clients must come in for a consultation 7 - 14 days BEFORE their appointment.

The application will not go ahead without a consultation as this visit ensures a perfect colour match to your natural hair, additionally a sample hair extension is applied into your hair during consultation to ensure your satisfaction with this undetectable and very gentle "aD2" cold fusion technique.

A non returnable deposit will be taken on commencement and booking of the hair extension service, this deposit is retained to cover the cost of ordering the required extension hair.

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Theresa Bullock is bringing her expertise and specialism to Richmond and Mayfair, London and is available to look after personal clients. After a very busy career teaching and travelling she Is settled living in Richmond and has stopped teaching and travelling in order to spend quality time with family, look after her hair extension clients and concentrate on her other passions that include the study of the health benefits of essential oils.

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