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"I am just about to get my third set of extensions from Theresa. The feeling I get after they've been done is amazing, there is really nothing better than having a full bodied, long and beautiful head of hair. It's a feeling of confidence like no other!

Theresa takes care and precision in making the colours of the extensions fit naturally with your normal hair. People are always surprised when I tell them I have extensions because of how natural they look. They are easy to maintain, and easy to take out too.

Theresa has been my hair dresser for years, she is without doubt an 'expert' on hair extensions and the best overall client experience you will find anywhere. I can't wait to have my next set put in!"

Sophie Foster, Teacher and Professional DJ

"Theresa delivers hair extension information clearly and eloquently, she simplifies the most difficult aspects of this service. Her expertise enables all who learn fromher to be confident and fearless. Theresa is truly the expert in this field"


Toni Risso, Professional Stylist

"Theresa is the Diva of all hair extensions, a superb educator, communicator and expert in Hair Extensions. When I thenk of Hair Extensions I think of Theresa. Theresa's book is long awaited and I am sure it is her first of many "


Patrick Cameron, Professional Stylist


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Theresa Bullock is bringing her expertise and specialism to Richmond and Mayfair, London and is available to look after personal clients. After a very busy career teaching and travelling she Is settled living in Richmond and has stopped teaching and travelling in order to spend quality time with family, look after her hair extension clients and concentrate on her other passions that include the study of the health benefits of essential oils.

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